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* TREE PLANTING AND PLANTATION CARE. Getting a tree planting accomplished properly requires much knowledge, skill and effort - from many sources.  State and federal natural resource professionals can help you with the planning.  They can advise you about government programs and incentives offered, and whether and how they apply to your situation.  After plans are made, implementation is next. Iawisil Nursery offers quality nursery stock and expert planting.  Control of competing weeds, grasses, rodents, and deer is critical for up to 5 years following planting.  We offer these services in Eastern Iowa. We also work with highly qualified and experienced foresters and contractors in the surrounding area and states to help you have a successful tree planting.

REFORESTATION BY DIRECT SEEDING. Direct seeding is planting the seed (acorn, walnut, hickory nut, cherry seed, etc.) rather than the seedlings.  Properly done, this method will give you a more natural appearing stand, which will begin with thousands of seedlings per acre - like nature can do under the proper conditions.  Our nursery experience is an asset implementing this technique.  E-mail us for specifics.

* TIMBER SALE ADMINISTRATION, TIMBER APPRAISALS, CONSULTING SERVICES. Experience counts.  Again, we know qualified professionals from your area if outside our work area, or if your needs exceed our work load.


*TIMBER STAND IMPROVEMENT ("TSI"). Thinning, removing exotics, culls, and less desirable trees as your natural forest or plantation grows, enhances your forest for your goals.

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