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Iawisil Nursery

Please note: Our mailing address is now Box 580, Cascade, IA 52033.  Our working address is located at 24333, North Cascade Rd., Cascade, Iowa 52033. This address is again at our original home area, known locally as the "old forestry". North Cascade Road is the same at Y-17 and both names are signed on US Highway 151  about 1 mile northeast of Cascade.  After exiting of HWY 151, go 2 miles north on North Cascade Rd. (Y-17) and the nursery is on the left (northwest side) where you see a grove of white pine.  Take the lane over the little hill, beyond the house, to the nursery building.    Note:  children are present in the house area -drive slowly!

I f you are coming on U.S. Highway 20, at Epworth, take -Y17 miles south off  Hwy 20 for about 7 miles. The nursery lane (just after the white pine grove) to the northwest is about 1/4 mile after crossing the John's Creek bridge on Y-17.

Welcome to the Forest Nursery of Ia-Wis-Il, Inc. website! We've shortened and simplified this official corporate name to Iawisil Forest Nursery, pronounced "I ah whistle".  We adopted the bluebird in our logo - reflecting on how our feathered friends' welfare is an indicator of how we treat our environment.

We specialize in native trees and shrubs to help you create natural plantings, whether for your home acreages, large reforestation plantings, conservation reserve programs (CRP), or field windbreaks. We now also offer tested hybrid poplars for phyto re-mediation projects, biomass, pasture shade, etc.

May 13, 2014 - With the late spring, there is plenty of time to plant trees and shrubs this spring.  We have good numbers available in most shrubs and many tree species.  Contact us for your needs by email, fax, or call.  If you do not reach us immediately by phone, leave a message or persist. Thanks!

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