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Iawisil Nursery

Announcement from Leo H. Frueh, March 5, 2015

As previously annouced, Iawisil Forest Nursery has ceased operation.  Thank you to all our customers these past years.  Keep planting those trees and shrubs for the birds and creatures of the wild, the aesthethics of the landscape, the enviroment, and wood for our needs in the future.

As indicated earlier, there are still trees in the ground that would be avaialble.

First, the Dubuque County Conservation Society, who I am please to announce, purchased land from me that contains a fen - which will now be preserved.  The nursery ground on this land contains the following nursery stock listed below.  You should call Mr. John Kirpes of the Society if you are interested in this stock.  Arrangements for the sale and digging of this stock lay completely with the Society.

Stock on the Society land includes:  Swamp White Oak seedlings, Walnut seedling, pin oak seedlings (Q. palustris), some bur oak transplants, Norway Spruce transplants, and larger Blue Spruce transplants - all in beds.  Contact Mr. Kirpes at 563-582-6247, his business phone.

Second nursery stock I, Leo Frueh, still have in the ground.  The species avallable are as listed on last years listing (still on this site but to updated soon) are large size oaks 3-10 feet generally: Red Oak, White Oak, Bur Oak, Pin Oak, and Chinkapin Oak.  Also, some coffee tree, seedling of bur oak, red oak, silkly dogwood, a few of other species.  I hope to have a more accurate inventory soon.

These trees are available to you on an in the ground basis. They must be dug on a bedrun basis.  Price wil be 30% of last spring prices for the highest quantity price listed.  I may be able to help you get someone locally to dig them for you.  A small backhoe is probably the best machine or possible a large skid steerer with the right attachment for digging larger trees.  A lifter for seedlings should be available also.  Used my email: to contact me.  Thanks.

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